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Pavilion of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar

XXII International exhibition Triennale Milano

designed and realized by Culture2All – ONLUS 

Harmony between nature and human being

A pavilion made of natural fibers: bamboo, mulberry and coconut. To reflect that design must respect traditions. To remember not to harm nature by not doing it to ourselves. Because design must consider  the impermanence of nature.

On February 28th, 2019  the President of Republic of Italy inaugurated the  XXII Esposizione Internazionale Triennale di Milano, one of twenty two nations participating is Myanmar. The exhibition will last up to  September 1, 2019.

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar participates with the pavilion Harmony between nature and human being, curated by Mauro Salvemini.

The Myanmar pavilion, curated byMauro Salvemini, intends to contribute to the reflection on the relationship between nature and human being. This relation, especially in the past, has been harmonious and based on a use anchored to the traditions and rituals.

The admonition that comes from this reflection is to use nature in the same way that a bee collects pollen and nectar from the flower, neither pollutes its beauty nor exhales its fragrance. Just as the bee produces honey from what it gathers, so man should be able to find happiness and fulfilment in life without harming the natural world in which he lives.

The pavilion – says curator Mauro Salvemini – intends to ensure that the visitor enters an atmosphere and a space of reflection welcomed by the bamboo tree and the sound of the bells that transcend the material space. The works of contemporary Burmese art on display in the pavilion highlight how much Myanmar intends today to put together the “new” and “tradition” while the mulberry Shan paper invites the visitor to leave a mark of his passage.

It is necessary for the design to be in harmony being based on the traditions, using the nature without destroying it and adapting positively to its impermanence.The general commissioner of the pavilion is Andrea Ganelli, Honorary Consul of Myanmar for Northwest Italy and Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce Italy-Myanmar. The participation takes place under the high patronage of theAmbasciatore del Myanmar in Italia sig. Myint Naung. The works on display are by four contemporary Burmese artists Aung Myint, Nann Nann, NCS (Nyein Chan Su), Saw Moe Zaw and of Lorenzo Bar e Stefano Polo is the sculpture of the bamboo tree. Partners of the participation are:MARINA DI NETTUNO C.N. S.P.A.BIERRE COSTRUZIONI  , Culture2All – ONLUS,Associazione Italiana Bambùmadeinbamboo–RETE DI IMPRESAFloorbamboo/Infloor srlSpontaneo designTeo Myanmar Tours and Travels and  FAVINI srl  as well as a number of Italian and Myanmar volunteers who have collaborated on the project.

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